Strasburg Dominates the Red Wings

Got to watch Stephen Strasburg for the first time last night, as he cruised through 6 and a third innings of shutout ball.  They are sticking with his 90 pitch ceiling.  In that time he was able to set a new personal high-mark for strikeouts with 7.

His fastball was consistently 96-98, breaking stuff was unhittable.  Now, to be fair, the Red Wings have generally found everything unhittable this year.  So take it for what it’s worth.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the night came as Strasburg was being fetched off the mound by his manager in the seventh.  The sell-out crowd gave him a standing ovation, but that turned to a loud chorus of boos when he never acknowledged it.  No tip of the hat, no wave, nada.

C’mon man.  I know you probably think this is small-time stuff, but show the paying customers some respect and be a little gracious.