What To Do About Witten

This morning the enjoyable and informative GCobb offers some advice to the Eagles’ coaching staff:

I would like to see the Birds give rookie Quintin Demps the chance to cover Witten one on one.  On passing downs I would substitute Demps for Mikell.  Demps is much faster and quicker, and a better cover guy.

I respectfully disagree.

The Eagles have a trio of cornerbacks that are perfectly set up for this situation.  When the Cowboys are going to pass, Lito is going to be on the field.  And although he’s way too small to put on Witten, Sheldon Brown is not.  Brown is an excellent tackler who has no problem taking down big tight ends.  He’s not super fast, which is a problem against speedy wide outs, but not with Witten.

Brown is the perfect answer here.  I don’t want to see Demps getting taught rookie lessons by a Pro Bowl veteran.  Keep Demps on special teams for this one and let Sheldon work the big fella.

Sheldon Has No Comment

After having a series of dumb-ass things to say as the season ended, I am pleasantly surprised to read that Sheldon Brown is not returning phone calls in the run-up to mini-camp. The last thing the team needs is any of the other players in the locker room complicating the situation.

I’m going to be checking in with the new blog on philly.com throughout the weekend to see what the beat writers have to say about the mini-camp.

By the way… “Eagletarian”??


“I have no idea. I haven’t spoken to anybody. It would have been nice, if [Samuel] is going to be Sheldon Brown’s teammate, for them to give me a chance to meet him.”
Sheldon Brown

I love him when he’s on the field, but why is this guy such a child off it?

Update:  My comment was a bit rash, I think.  Sheldon went on to say he didn’t expect anyone to be jealous of Samuel’s paycheck, and he was looking forward to playing in one of the best secondaries in the NFL.