Jeff Fisher Thankful for the Cowboys

Because we all need a laugh on Monday morning:

Titans coach Jeff Fisher, appearing as a guest on Fox Sports Radio, asked if any other teams asked about Pacman Jones. “No, there were no other teams, first off. Dallas was the only team that expressed interest. And we did not have any second thoughts. We huddled when the season was over, as an organization, and made the decision. And then we just hoped that we could put something together. And fortunately the Cowboys were interested.”

Well, it was either going to be Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder. And really, Pacman is way too young for Snyder to be interested.

Someday we won’t have those two to kick around any more.

Lions Still Looking for a Cornerback

As the status of Lito Sheppard remains in limbo while the Eagles look for a suitable trade partner, there is another big-name defensive back who is affecting the market: Adam “Pacman” Jones.Pacman Jones

The agent for the man better known for his off-the-field action than what he’s done for the Titans in real games stated that the Lions are one of three teams interested in trading for Jones.

Jones is reportedly available for a second-day draft pick. Presumably, the Eagles would ask for more than that for Lito (at least at first). But, then again, Lito doesn’t come with all the criminal baggage — and oh yeah, he’s not suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

Apparently Jones isn’t interested in going to the Lions, so this entire point is probably irrelevant. He wants to play for the Cowboys or Patriots.

I find it amusing that a player as toxic as Jones feels he is capable of turning down opportunities to play anywhere. And I know they aren’t known for their brilliant maneuvers, but I still find it incredible that the Lions think someone like Jones might be capable of behaving himself in Detroit. Strippers? Check. Guns? Double-check. That should work out just fine.