Eagles Rumors: Now They’re Free Agents

Dawkins, Thomas, Runyan.  Clearly, things haven’t quite proceeded as we imagined at this point, maybe not how the Eagles’ front office imagined either.  Still no word on visits to other teams for Thomas or Dawkins, but stay on the lookout.

You’ve read the news on Buckhalter.  Whether or not he ultimately signs with Denver, it’s pretty clear this guy is gone.

Some wild rumors out of St. Louis:  The Eagles will trade for Torry Holt — giving up Reggie Brown and a draft pick.  Don would have a hard time being upset about that.

Cardinals young defensive end Antonio Smith has been invited by the Eagles to come to Philadelphia and visit the NovaCare complex.  That’s a bit surprising, considering the perceived logjam at the position (Cole, Abiamiri, Thomas, Howard, Clemons).  What would the Eagles do with that guy?