Wait… what? No!

I was a little late for the start of Giants/Dodgers tonight. I turned on the TV (I love MLB Extra Innings, I will never go without again) anxious to see young Timmy facing the evil ones. Instead, I see Merkin Valdez striking out the side in the first.

What the hell is going on? Why isn’t Lincecum pitching? I don’t know whether to cry or start kicking things or both.

Update: Thankfully, not injury related. Oddly, the Giants decided to hold off on pitching Lincecum until after some forecasted rain went through the area.  Even more odd, one inning after Lincecum finally got in the game it was delayed 74 minutes.  Then Bochy let him keep pitching anyway!

Whatever.  It worked. Lincecum came on in the 3rd and pitched 4 shutout innings of one-run ball and the Giants finally won. Weird