I’m Back, Baby!

To anyone out there who has been paying me the compliment of visiting this blog, I’m sorry. I was on hiatus for a long time but I promise it won’t happen again. And it was for a good reason – I got married.

The few weeks before the wedding were incredibly hectic and we are now wrapping up a two week honeymoon. It’s been awesome, and I’m going to share a bit of it here. We’re currently in San Francisco, and today I saw my first Giants’ game — Matt Cain threw a complete game shutout.

Matt Cain

Matt Cain Wins

We wrap up the honeymoon by spending the rest of this weekend in San Francisco, then it’s back home. From that point I’ll really be revving things up around here — focusing heavily on the Eagles and even paying a couple of visits to Bills’ training camp (right down the road from me).

So, again, apologies for the long break — now let’s get psyched for football season.