Shockey’s Not Going Anywhere

If this Giants’ beat writer is to be believed, there’s no way Jeremy Shockey is getting traded.

In fact, they’re probably going to turn down anybody who isn’t offering at least a first-rounder, which the Saints were not, or a second-rounder plus a starting player and possibly more than that.

No one is going to give up that much for someone who spends as much time on the injured list as Shockey does. The guy is good, but he’s not nearly worth that kind of ransom.

Super Bowl

I am ill-prepared to live in a world where Eli Manning is a Super Bowl MVP. I’m shaken.

Dealing with my many friends who are Giants’ fans will be difficult for the next year. I always had the Eli jokes to trump whatever insults they threw my way. I’m not sure what I have to hang my hat on any more.

At least Shockey didn’t catch the game-winning touchdown.

Today sucks.