Dodge, Duck, Dive, Dip, and… Dodge

A few days ago Iggles Blog noted two potential disasters the Eagles averted in the potential signings of LeCharles Bentley and Ryan Fowler. Well, the organization’s good fortune continues by way of not acquiring certain players.

While nowhere near as close to becoming an Eagle as either Bentley or Fowler, there were many reports that the Eagles were interested in the player who just got his face rearranged in Vegas, and who was ultimately signed by the Raiders.

Javon Walker’s talent is undeniable, but his exits from both Green Bay and Denver have been less than amicable. And this is his second terrible early morning incident. I’m not saying either were his fault, but for some guys, trouble has a way of finding you. Good non-move, Philly.

The Receiver Market

With free-agency looming and every Eagles fan with a working voicebox begging for an impact wide receiver, I think it’s worth taking a look at any current NFL player that, according to rumors and/or speculation, might be available — whether through free agency or trade. I’ll rank them by desirability… as determined by me.

Larry Fitzgerald: I’ve written in depth about his situation. The Cardinals can not pay him what they owe him next year. They have to restructure his deal. This is not happening in a vacuum for them, either — they have several other marquee players who must be signed. Fitzgerald is physical with great hands. A true #1, game-changing player who also comes without the premadonna attitude of most premier receivers.
Roy Williams
Roy Williams: He’s got one year left on his deal with the Lions, and the speculation is he’ll want to walk when it’s over. If so, the Lions may make him available in trade. He’ll be extremely expensive but he’s probably worth it. He’s huge and like Fitzgerald, game-changing. He is a bit eccentric, but has not been a locker room headache at all.

Randy Moss: Conventional wisdom says the Patriots keep him, but I wouldn’t say it’s a sure thing. This mess in Florida with the threat of a lawsuit appears to be a case of someone trying to blackmail him… but still, it’s not the sort of thing the Patriots tolerate. If he is available, he’s now over 30 but still has remarkable play making skills.

Chad Johnson: He wants out of Cincinnati. The Bengals continue to state that he will not be traded. His behavior over the last month has been counter-productive and could create some problems for their team this year. He’s a gifted athlete, but he’s not as physical as Fitzgerald or Williams. He tends to go down when he catches the ball over the middle, but will sacrifice his body to make a spectacular catch.

Donte Stallworth
: A so-so year in New England for him. Certainly he would have liked bigger numbers that would have inflated his value as a free agent. If the Eagles pursued him they would again have a deep threat, and he’s already familiar with the offense.
Javon Walker
Javon Walker: He has said he would like out of Denver. They may just oblige him and cut him if he can’t be traded. He’s an injury risk, but he’s also had two big years. He’s tall and fast — the Eagles lack that combination. They also made a run at him a couple of years back, but the Packers refused their advances.

DJ Hackett: This guy is the hot name on the receiver free agent market. He’s young and had a breakout year in Seattle. He’s familiar with the WCO, but I think he’s going to be overpaid. Hopefully not by the Eagles.

Bernard Berrian: I’m not impressed. He’s had some huge drops in his career to go along with those 70 yard touchdowns. He’s also going to ask for big money, and I don’t think he’s a real #1.

Bryant Johnson: This guy is a #3 receiver, but he’s physical and has great hands. Been productive in an offense that already has two stud receivers.

There’s a lot of talent that could be available, but there will be plenty of competition for the services of these guys. I didn’t list any of the other free agents because I don’t think they’d provide much of an improvement and thus the Eagles won’t be looking at them.

The Eagles are surely taking a hard look at all of these guys and I would bet an offer is made to some one or some team. Reid, Banner, and Lurie know the fans are restless and they are going to do something this off-season that makes a splash. Count on it. It’s just good business.