Cowboys Lose Starting Guard

Yes.  More stories like this.

Propped up by two crutches, Kyle Kosier couldn’t believe he’ll miss four to six weeks with a hairline fracture in his right foot.

The team’s offensive line is the latest group to have its depth tested this August. The cornerbacks, receivers and linebackers have all gone under the microscope, and nobody’s panicked yet. That was the case again Monday.

Whereas with our other rivals I at least have a hint of sympathy for injuries, I hold no such emotions for the Cowboys.

And if you read Pro Football Prospectus, you know that over the last several years the ‘Boys have been the healthiest team in the entire NFL by a rather large margin.  It’s time to regress to the mean, people.  Keep these stories coming.

High Ankle Sprains

I got this email from a friend (an athlete) today. Thought it was tremendous.

I’m really sick of the term “high ankle sprain.” It became popular a while ago to define where exactly the sprain was in the ankle but the only description I’ve EVER heard is “high.” In the last year I can remember zero “low ankle sprains” happening but about 48 “high ankle sprains.” It’s a freakin ankle sprain. Mr. Commentators, I don’t care if it’s high and I especially don’t care if it’s high if you don’t really know that it’s high and you’re just saying “high” because it’s the new cool thing to say.