Bad People

More than anything else, the entire Spygate fiasco has ended up reinforcing my beliefs about the main players involved.

Bill Belichick really is a sniveling, sneaky, cheater who would do anything to win. He told Roger Goodell that he didn’t believe that the taping was illegal at the time. That wasn’t really believable anyway, but Matt Walsh’s statements remove all doubt — not only is Belichick a cheater, he’s also a liar. A liar who has no problem lying directly to the NFL Commissioner’s face.

Roger Goodell, for all of his rhetoric about cleaning up the league, is really only interested in cleaning up if the mess is already in plain view. His actions in the last few months in regards to Spygate have been highly suspicious. His office has issued several statements that would lead any thinking person to believe they were more interested in making this go away than getting to the whole truth of the matter.

ESPN talking heads have probably been the worst of anyone. They have raced against each other to make the most outrageous statements possible. This network has a serious problem — in its quest to appeal to the non-thinking, least common denominator of sports fans, the intelligent, thoughtful sports fan has lost all faith. It needs some competition.

Let’s hope this thing doesn’t linger much longer. As much as I would love to see Belichick and the Pats get boned, I think anyone outside of Bristol is truly tired of this. Training camp can’t get here soon enough.

ESPN Covers Minicamp

If ESPN insists on attempting to turn every professional franchise into The Hills, they should be honest about it and just hire Lauren Conrad as a correspondent.

The Ignorance

It hurts. I hurts so much. Why does ESPN employ these people? (or here) (or here)

Reid is sitting at No. 19 and it’s likely he can’t get an elite pass-rusher, which is what the Eagles need most. Reid could drop down, grab an extra pick or two, and focus on getting help in the secondary and wide receiver. He can take a shot on a pass-rusher in a later round.

Why does it seem like these draft experts think their event exists in a vacuum every year? Do they know the Eagles drafted a DE in the second round just last year? Do they not know the Eagles signed a pass-rushing specialist in free agency?

Does he not know that Trent Cole had 12.5 sacks last season?

This is’s cover story. It hurts.