Quick Hitters

The Lions are stupid. Or so says Drew Sharp of the Free Press. He argues that the Lions should be trying to move Roy Williams because he has no value to a team that is once again rebuilding. Sharp mentions the Cowboys and Redskins, but not the Eagles.

[Detroit Free Press] If the Lions weren’t interested in moving Williams, they’re stupid.

Keeping with the same theme of calling organizations out for their stupidity, I really want to take the time to thank Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder for keeping my life a little more entertaining than it otherwise is.

Was it wise for the Redskins to draft both Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly when they really needed help on the other side of the ball? No. Am I pleased with their decision? Certainly.

Likewise, the Cowboys trade for Pacman Jones really put a hop in my step. That team is already a steaming pile of crazy, throwing Pacman in the mix could be quite fun.

It could be a long season for Ed Werder.

Roy Williams — Lion in 2008

All you need to understand is right here in the Detroit Free Press today:

Since being named President and CEO of the Lions Matt Millen has made many awful draft picks. Here’s our list of the worst 10.

Roy Williams is not on that list.

As long as Matt Millen is running the show in Detroit, he’s not going to part with his biggest (only?) success story.