Reggie’s Back

It looks like Reggie Brown is going to play this weekend, at least in some capacity.  This certainly is an interesting situation.  The wide receiving corps has largely been great, with the exception of a few costly drops in the Cowboys game.

No one is really sure if Reggie coming back is necessarily going to help or hurt us.  You could certainly argue it could hurt by mentioning Brown’s nack for making an untimely drop or the risk that his return could, in some way, stifle Jackson’s development.

I don’t think any of that is accurate, but all four of the Eagles wide receivers (Jackson, Baskett, Lewis, Avant) currently have catch percentages over 60, which is incredible but unlikely to be sustainable.

Reggie Brown’s career numbers:  (54%, 50%, 55%).  Those aren’t real great numbers for a guy who fits into the “possession receiver” mold.

But nonetheless, Reggie’s physical skills should be welcome.  When he wants to he can look great, and he has the ability to make some incredible catches.

How will this affect the rest of the receivers?  Well, let’s take a look at who Donovan has been targeting to date [note: this is wide receivers only].

Donovan McNabb Targets

This leaves no doubt has to who has become McNabb’s favorite receiver.  When Reggie comes back he’s not likely to be taking time away from Jackson so much as Lewis and Baskett.  I am really looking forward to seeing where Jackson’s target rate goes after the next few weeks.

The other thing to mention here is how surprised I have been at Greg Lewis’ play.  Despite the terrible sideline drop against Dallas he has looked really good — McNabb is finding him open and Lewis is making the play.


One of the running themes of modern Eagles’ fanhood is our apparent obsession with obtaining a wide receiver.  Everyone tells us we’re obsessed, we agree, and we move on.

I think it’s probably prudent to point out (alliteration!) that it’s not just “the fans” that are on the hook for this.  Check out all of the media attention the DeSean Jackson visit got.  The Eagles have been flying guys in and out of Philadelphia on a regular basis, but the papers and Internet media really exploded when word of the Jackson visit got out.

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