What I’m Watching on Sunday

This weekend has some really nice matchups.  It also has some really nice gambling opportunities.  Here we go:

Bengals @ Giants:  Bengals are floundering and some say they might have already given up on the season.  If they lose this one consider betting against them the rest of the year.  But I like them this week, getting almost two touchdowns.  Eli is due for a game where he throws 3 interceptions, and the Bengals offense is going to break out in the beautiful weather New York will have on Sunday.  Bet on the stripes.

Rams @ Seahawks:  Things are going to get ugly in St Louis.  The Seattle defense is still pretty good, and the Rams are going to struggle to get in the endzone.  Give the 10 points and take the Seahawks.

Dallas @ Green Bay:  Something most people don’t know:  Al Harris isn’t very good any more.  Look for the Boys to try and get him lined up opposite TO.  The Packers also have a glaring coverage issue wherever Atari Bigby is supposed to be.  Jason Whitten is going to dominate him.  I hate to say it, but I really have trouble believing the Cowboys can lose this one unless Aaron Rodgers plays out of his mind and the Packers passing game can’t be stopped.

What To Do About Witten

This morning the enjoyable and informative GCobb offers some advice to the Eagles’ coaching staff:

I would like to see the Birds give rookie Quintin Demps the chance to cover Witten one on one.  On passing downs I would substitute Demps for Mikell.  Demps is much faster and quicker, and a better cover guy.

I respectfully disagree.

The Eagles have a trio of cornerbacks that are perfectly set up for this situation.  When the Cowboys are going to pass, Lito is going to be on the field.  And although he’s way too small to put on Witten, Sheldon Brown is not.  Brown is an excellent tackler who has no problem taking down big tight ends.  He’s not super fast, which is a problem against speedy wide outs, but not with Witten.

Brown is the perfect answer here.  I don’t want to see Demps getting taught rookie lessons by a Pro Bowl veteran.  Keep Demps on special teams for this one and let Sheldon work the big fella.

Cowboys Lose Starting Guard

Yes.  More stories like this.

Propped up by two crutches, Kyle Kosier couldn’t believe he’ll miss four to six weeks with a hairline fracture in his right foot.

The team’s offensive line is the latest group to have its depth tested this August. The cornerbacks, receivers and linebackers have all gone under the microscope, and nobody’s panicked yet. That was the case again Monday.

Whereas with our other rivals I at least have a hint of sympathy for injuries, I hold no such emotions for the Cowboys.

And if you read Pro Football Prospectus, you know that over the last several years the ‘Boys have been the healthiest team in the entire NFL by a rather large margin.  It’s time to regress to the mean, people.  Keep these stories coming.

Hard Knocks

As you likely know by now, HBO’s fantastic NFL training camp documentary-ish program “Hard Knocks” is going to feature the Cowboys this season. I’m giddy.

Mr. Goodell, please re-instate PacMan. I want the entire cast of clowns to be present while the cameras are rolling. I want them fighting for camera time. I want Jerry Jones sneaking into coaching meetings and the locker room. I want TO celebrating after catches during practice.  I want Tony Romo’s attention whore of a girlfriend to be stopping by wearing something skimpy.

This could really be awesome.

Jeff Fisher Thankful for the Cowboys

Because we all need a laugh on Monday morning:

Titans coach Jeff Fisher, appearing as a guest on Fox Sports Radio, asked if any other teams asked about Pacman Jones. “No, there were no other teams, first off. Dallas was the only team that expressed interest. And we did not have any second thoughts. We huddled when the season was over, as an organization, and made the decision. And then we just hoped that we could put something together. And fortunately the Cowboys were interested.”

Well, it was either going to be Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder. And really, Pacman is way too young for Snyder to be interested.

Someday we won’t have those two to kick around any more.

Quick Hitters

The Lions are stupid. Or so says Drew Sharp of the Free Press. He argues that the Lions should be trying to move Roy Williams because he has no value to a team that is once again rebuilding. Sharp mentions the Cowboys and Redskins, but not the Eagles.

[Detroit Free Press] If the Lions weren’t interested in moving Williams, they’re stupid.

Keeping with the same theme of calling organizations out for their stupidity, I really want to take the time to thank Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder for keeping my life a little more entertaining than it otherwise is.

Was it wise for the Redskins to draft both Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly when they really needed help on the other side of the ball? No. Am I pleased with their decision? Certainly.

Likewise, the Cowboys trade for Pacman Jones really put a hop in my step. That team is already a steaming pile of crazy, throwing Pacman in the mix could be quite fun.

It could be a long season for Ed Werder.

Asante Samuel… For Real?

It’s all over the Eagles blogosphere. GCobb’s Micah Warren (original story in Blast Magazine) is reporting that Asante Samuel will sign with the Eagles. He is in for an official visit today. If this is true (and I’m still skeptical), how I feel about the situation will depend entirely on how much money he’s getting. If it’s the $30 million guaranteed he’s looking for, I won’t understand it.

If the Eagles do in fact announce the deal, they have three options as I see it with Lito:

  • Try and find a good return in trade, even though they now have less leverage.
  • Move Brown to safety and keep Sheppard/Samuel as the corners
  • Keep all three around for the best nickel package in the NFL and injury insurance.

Keep in mind the Eagles safeties don’t always fit into the traditional FS/SS mold. They move around a lot, especially in passing situations, and with the versatility of Brown and Dawkins back there it could really be interesting.  You have to be smart and tackle exceptionally well as a safety in Jim Johnson’s schemes, and Brown fits that mold perfectly (Sean Considine, see you never).  We’ll see.

Secondly, the Cowboys managed to work out a deal with Flozell Adams. This is disappointing. I was looking forward to the team getting worse, and this goes a long to towards keeping that from happening. Dammit.

Moss to Cowboys Rumor

It’s everywhere this morning. Fox Sports, ESPN, Fanhouse, and every website related to the two teams.


So maybe it’s time to chime in, albeit only briefly. As an Eagles fan, I welcome this. The Cowboys seem to be willing to let their Pro-Bowl Left Tackle walk. And that makes sense, because the NFC East is totally lacking pass rushing defensive ends.


Look, we all know Jerry Jones loves his face on the television. And having Moss and TO on the same team would certainly accomplish that. But it’s not winning them a Super Bowl.

Didn’t they just sign Patrick Crayton to a pretty decent deal? Does he become the best paid third wide receiver in the NFL? What about the fact that Marion Barber must be paid?

As much as I’d love it to happen, Jones would be crazy to do this.

Cowboys Tag Ken Hamlin

Today the Cowboys applied the franchise tag to Ken Hamlin. This makes me happy on two levels — the first being that Hamlin simply isn’t as good as the compensation he’s going to be paid. And when one of your rivals is overpaying for a player, that’s a good thing.

The second reason I’m happy is that it seals the deal on Flozell Adams — he’s going to be an unrestricted free agent. If and when he signs with a new team Trent Cole will be matching up with someone new next year when the Eagles play the Cowboys. Adams has dominated Cole in the past, and this is excellent news for the Eagles.

Even though Adams is getting up in age, when your rival loses a good player — a left tackle at that — it’s a good thing.