Weekend Roundup

First of all.  Holy crap.  $613 billion in debt.  That is insane.  I try and keep politics out of this blog and will continue to do so, but it’s probably time for this country to change direction economically.  This is going to be a bad, bad, bad week on Wall Street.

A nice pat on the back for BFH, as I had a little payday when the Skins beat the Saints.  Did anyone follow my advice?

If you watched any of the Seahawks/Niners game you saw one of the most horrible first quarters imaginable for a winning team.  The Niners fumbled twice, blocked a punt which was recovered by the Hawks and ran for a first down, and trailed by 14.

The Bills are for real and fans in Western NY are officially losing their minds.  I’m sure many of my co-workers are checking for flights to Tampa this morning.  Oh yeah, their next three games:  Oakland, @St. Louis, @Arizona.  They have a legit shot at 5-0.

They are going to need to start running the ball at little more efficiently, though.  The addition of Jason Peters didn’t help there.

Cuse football is a disgrace right now, but it isn’t keeping me from being excited about The Express.

This and That

I’ll be heading to Pittsford today to watch some of the Bills’ afternoon practice. James Hardy is supposed to be back practicing in full today, so it will be interesting to get a look at him. I should have plenty of photos.


I think Florio at PFT is way off here, again.

The reasoning is simple. If the Eagles put Sheppard at No. 2 behind Brown, then it’s hard for them to continue to expect the kind of trade package that a starting cornerback should merit.

I don’t believe the Eagles are actively trying to move Sheppard any longer.  The slash on the depth chart is more about appeasing a player who is feeling a little unappreciated right now, and who is also squabbling over a contract. Is it sort of childish? Yeah, it sure is.

Malcom Kelly

Malcolm KellyIt might be time for Eagles fans to forget about this one. Virtually every Bills source available has honed in on him as the target at #11 for that franchise. From the Buffalo News:

The Buffalo Bills have a big-time need for a big wide receiver.That’s the gist of Dick Jauron’s assessment of the Bills’ roster heading into the NFL Draft.

“What I’d like to add to that group — because it’s not there — is a big receiver; a big, physical receiver,” the Bills coach said Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings.

And from ESPN’s Todd McShay:

This might be a bit of a reach for [Malcolm] Kelly, but I am hearing the Bills will take him this high as long as he checks out physically during his on-campus workout April 9.

The Bills were one of only a handful of teams to schedule visits with the wide receiver. Their own website is also passing along information from Kelly’s people assuring organizations and fans he is healthy. Given the talk coming from management, this pick seems as certain as anything in the draft right now.

Mo Money Mo Problems

Lee EvansHey, at least we don’t have this sort of problem to deal with:

Fitzgerald’s deal is the latest escalation of the receiver pay scale, and it’s going to make it harder for the Bills to work out an extension with their No. 1 wideout, Lee Evans.

Bernard Berrian, who isn’t as good as Evans, got $16 million guaranteed from Minnesota on a six-year deal that averages $7 million a year.

Evans’ contract in effect runs out after the 2008 season. (He has the ability to void the last year of it, 2009, which he certainly will do.)

The Bills, like the Lions — will have the option to slap the franchise tag on their prized receiver after the 2008 season. The cost of that tag this year was $7.8 million, it should be significantly higher after next year thanks to Fitzgerald’s deal.

The Bills offense is abysmal to begin with, I can’t imagine how wretched it would be without Lee Evans. There is no way they can let him get away.


By the way, this is a list of significant free agents (unsure of RFA vs. UFA) for next off-season:

John Runyan
LJ Smith
Correll Buckhalter
Joselio Hanson

I think that’s it, but I reserve the right to be wrong.

Agony of Defeat

I’m currently in Greensboro, NC visiting some friends for a few days. Just needed some time off from work so I took it. But while I have a chance I wanted to post an email I received from a friend during the past NFL season.

The friend is a Bills fan and season ticket holder. You surely remember the crazy Monday Night game they hosted against the Cowboys. The one where the Cowboys scored a touchdown, a two-point conversion, recovered and onsides kick, and then kicked a field goal all in the final minute to win?

Well, that game was the first Monday Nighter that the City of Buffalo has hosted in a long, long time. “Excited” does not do their emotions justice. Being an Eagles fan is painful, but can it possibly be worse than being a Bills fan?

Yes I am alive. Yes I know the Bills choked. I had off yesterday to regroup myself not only as a Bills fan, but as a football fan all together. Grown men were crying, fans didn’t leave right after the game, about half the stadium sat down with theirs heads hung low in disBILLief. Little kids were asking their mothers what just happened and because they are woman, they really had no idea of the real significance of it. Over 60 Bills fans were arrested on that dreadful evening. I called Frank, who works security in section 139, and he literally was speechless (well he said oh my god about 100 times before hanging up).

The feeling after that loss was really is indescribable. I haven’t lost any family members close to me yet, but I can’t imagine ever feeling worse then I did at the end of that game. It got so bad Dick “Moron”?
Jauron called out Michael Gaines for not executing the onside kick as planned.

Needless to say – I am 100% convinced of 3 things. God hates Buffalo, all Buffalo teams are cursed (see the link for why), and the Curse of George does exist (because of Chris’ score in fantasy).

I really have no comebacks to any of your ripping, I am a down, beaten and broken man.

I now have 11 more days of listening to WGR550 and their constant bashing of the Bills to go. I consider myself a rabid NFL fan, but may need to take this weekend off from football all together, I just can’t handle this.

It has gotten so bad I would even take Justin as my offensive coordinator over gaychild. Jauron looks more like skeletor every day.
His voice is so boring, he seems like he doesn’t care.

One positive – no season ending injury’s this week! At least not yet (see the Peerless Price sudden neck surgery on Friday).

The future of the Bills

There has been no shortage of talk lately of the future of the Buffalo Bills franchise. Ralph Wilson already looks dead, and when he does actually pass away the team will go up for sale. After the recent agreement of NFL owners to allow the Bills to play some games in Toronto and the comments of Wilson about the declining population of the city of Buffalo, many speculate that the team could permanently move across the border.

Today Profootballtalk.com weighed in with the following, after local billionaire Tom Golisano indicated he’d try and keep the team local:

Either way, it’s great news for Bills fans. The best-case scenario is that the team will stay where it is. Worst-case? A short move to Toronto. Seemingly out of the question is a cross-country trek to Los Angeles.

I’d like to point out that the “worst-case” is still pretty bad. Buffalo is a blue-collar town and those folks that go to games aren’t wealthy. If the team moved to Toronto, ticket prices would skyrocket. Ever try to get tickets to the Maple Leafs game? They are outrageous. Having the team move permanently to Toronto would be awful for western new yorkers, even if it is better than California.