Springsteen and the Super Bowl


Finally, the NFL appears to be making intelligent decisions about the half-time show.  Honestly, did anyone not enjoy Tom Petty last year?

I have no doubt that the Boss will put on an outstanding show.  Maybe the years of Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, and assorted teenie boppers are behind us.  That would be nice.

And In Local News….

It’s sort of amazing how much can change in just a few short years. Rochester was once on the MLS short-list for expansion. The city wasPaetec Park known for its soccer fever, and its USL club the Rochester Rhinos routinely sold-out games and defeated MLS teams in inter-league competitions.

Two years ago the Rhinos opened a new soccer-only stadium just a bit outside of downtown. And now the team is broke and up for sale. Pretty incredible turn of events.


Secondly, I went and saw Springsteen at Blue Cross Arena last night. Dude has still got it, that’s for sure. They definitely qualify for the “you better see them before they’re gone” list.