Goodell in a Tough PR Spot

Paul Tagliabu picked the right time to call it a career.

Goodell has spent the early part of his tenure dealing with idiots like Pacman Jones and Michael Vick. Now he’s forced to defend and attempt to cover up for the reviled Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization.

It’s a shitty spot to be in, and judging from the public reaction he’s not winning anyone over. The best thing going for him right now is the Clemens show trial. Whenever that goes away his job will be even tougher. Arlen Specter seems set in making this the business of the federal government, and he’s likely to find his fellow committee members agreeable — for most of them attacking the Patriots just might be good politics.

I’m not immune to the emotional appeal of the prospect of Belichick twisting in a seat before Congress. The guy is too easy to hate. Combine that with the NFL’s terrible job of making this look like a closed case in the fall and this could get real ugly.

Update: ESPN has taken the Goodell video down? Why?