Peter King Chimes In…

He claims the Eagles will be offering Samuel a contract worth a total of $55 million, with at least $10 million guaranteed. As BGN pointed out, this would seem to be coming from Eagles management, because Samuel’s agent surely wouldn’t be setting expectations that low.

I have some critical thoughts about this potential signing though. First, the timing is a bit tricky.Asante Samuel

You see, the team surely wouldn’t keep Lito, Sheldon, and also sign Samuel. Neither Sheldon or Lito would settle for a nickel corner position. There have been rumors that Lito is available for trade.

But that trade would only make sense if it came BEFORE the Eagles signed Samuel. Because once they do sign him, they lose a ton of leverage — every team in the league would know they have to dump him. The only leverage left would be any teams competing for his services.

So if the Eagles are to attain Samuel, expect a Lito trade soon OR expect Sheldon Brown to be moved to safety (which might nix all the Gibril Wilson talk).

Secondly, the egos involved. We’ve learned over the last year that Sheldon Brown is the captain of the emotional midgets in the locker room — between the “the offense wouldn’t do anything with our turnovers anyway” and the “if Reid’s kids were a player’s kids, we’d be suspended” comments he’s sort of smashed any perception of him being a reasonable fellow.

So what would happen if they signed Samuel and he’s making three times as much as Lito (already reportedly complaining about his contract) and Sheldon?

Those guys would have to come to camp keeping their yaps shut like LJ did this year, or there could be a new fiasco on our hands.

Asante Samuel Feels OK About Today

This morning the Oakland Raiders announced that they were using the franchise tag on Nnamdi Asomugha. This afternoon the Seahawks followed with applying the tag on Marcus Trufant.

This is is all making Asante Samuel very pleased. He’ll be the only “premier” corner on the free agent market.

He’s going to do better than Nate Clements.

And that’s not good news for anyone hoping he’d be in Eagle green in 2008.