Around the Internets 8-30-2010

[Iconic Photos] Today’s Iconic Photo is especially brutal, and the story is incredible.  If you aren’t already regularly stopping by this site, you really should.  Especially if you’re a history buff.

[XKCD] Yep, it really is an exciting time for anyone interested in space.

[Football News Now]  Seems like every day Jamaal Jackson increases his odds of playing in the season opener.  And in inconsequential site news that no one cares about, we’ll be avoiding linking to directly as long as their site is intrusive and obnoxious with their ads.

[Iggles Blog] Get the game review from Tommy Lawlor of this weekend’s frustrating game against the Chiefs.

[Washington Post] MLB trying to grow the game in China.

Oil Spill — Under the Surface

This is an absolutely terrifying look at what you haven’t been seeing.  Under the surface in the Gulf.

With the news today that BP’s initial estimates of oil spill rate were — surprise! — well under reality, things really look bleak for the GoM ecosystem.

Today’s Happenings

Hanley Ramirez continues to be not helpful.  [SunSentinal]

One wonders, after considering comments from other players on the Marlins, how much of a problem Hanley has truly been during his career.  An apology, both in public and to the team is badly needed here.

Scientists get some new clues that explain our existence.  [NY Times]

Should the federal government get rid of the mortgage interest deduction?  [Reuters]

Jason Donald, an important piece of the Cliff Lee trade, is up playing for the Indians today.  He got a hit in his first plate appearance.  [ESPN]

Anil Dash doesn’t like NDAs.  We work for a company that’s been burned, not sure we agree.  [Dashes]

Back With A Little Praise

So it’s been a while.  And I really had no shortage of friends and family who told me that once the baby was born I would be forgetting about my current hobbies.  But I still had no idea.

Yeah, listen to your friends and family.

But now, with the babe about to turn nine months old, and with (finally) a bit of downtime at work, I may be able to get back in the saddle around here.  Not that there’s anyone left to ride with anyway.

What actually drove me to log back in today was an absolutely fantastic customer service experience I had with a multinational.  These seem to be so few and far between I felt compelled to write about it.

I’m a Sprint Wireless customer.  I’ve largely been pleased, but not overwhelmed by their wireless service.  I switched from Verizon a few years back because I wanted an inexpensive data plan for my Treo.  I’m glad I left.

I needed to call into Sprint customer service today because my old Treo 750p is finally biting the dust.  I needed to make sure I was eligible for the maximum rebate on a new phone.

The customer service rep informed me that I was.  And then she kept talking.  And by the time she was done there was no way I could say no to a new 2-year commitment.

She asked me if I was happy with Sprint.  I told her I was lukewarm, and that I would at least consider other options.  She immediately cut $20 off my monthly bill for the next two years, no questions asked.   And if you are familiar with the various carriers’ plans, I was already well below rates for Verizon and AT&T customers with similar plans.

She also reminded me that, as a customer with a 3 year relationship with Sprint, I was a Premier member.  So I get a new phone with the maximum rebate every 12 months.  She then cut another 10% off my monthly bill because I had an AOL email address.

This is apparently a deal for AOL-TimeWarner employees, but some customer service managers feel comfortable giving it to anyone with an address.

I’m usually not much of a corporate cheerleader.  And brand allegiance isn’t my thing, either.  But if you’re looking for a wireless company that isn’t a draconian bohemoth like Verizon, has good data rates and cheap plans, I think you should give Sprint your business.  I’m pretty happy.

Weekend Roundup

Carrie Underwood
Tony, She’s Not Fat

What I was reading this week.

The Week in Quotes [Football Outsiders]
“I just feel trapped.  Ever since I’ve been with Kansas City, I just feel they’ve been trying to push me out the door.”
–Larry Johnson

Dragon Age:  Origins Delayed [Wired|Game Life]
Shit.  Although, if it means a much better product, I am always willing to wait a little longer.  Blizzard has the discipline to get it right,  BioWare is hoping to do the same.

The McNabb Non-Story [Bounty Bowl]
“In lieu of actually engaging in said conversation, I’m going to offer an observation and a link.  The observation is that our attraction to Donovan McNabb is no longer a sports attraction, it’s a celebrity attraction.  It’s not Elton Brand, it’s Britney Spears.  That is, we’re just following drama at this point, not sports.  And for a page-view hungry, well, this is just a bear on a bike for them.”

Evan Longoria, Doing Everything Right [JoeBucsFan]
This is a little old, but damn, Evan.  Well done (dating a Bucs cheerleader).

Shawn Andrews Update [Bleeding Green Nation]
Well, that is encouraging.

Matt Cassel:  One Year Wonder?  [Blast Magazine]
Someone (maybe the Patriots) are going to gamble a lot of money that he’s not.

A Close Look:  Passing Offense [IgglesBlog]
The man knows Excel.

Weekend Roundup: Can the Cardinals Pull it Off?

Here’s what I was reading this week.

Jenn Sterger Blogs for []
Yes, she’s rather annoying.  But fortunately, she has a couple other redeeming qualities.

State of Free Play [RPGVault]
Cool discussion with a developer of free to play online games.

Somewhat Interesting Signing [IgglesBlog]
Could this signing out of the CFL be the next out of nowhere Eagles cornerback?

Evaluating the Eagles [Inside the Iggles]
I’ve been in the comments over there, managing to discuss the wide receiver position without it devolving into nonsense.

Drakensang []
February 18th!

Donovan:  I Want to Retire an Eagle
[Bleeding Green Nation]
This is everywhere now, but it’s worth disseminating through any possible method.

Graves Has Challenging Off-Season [Pro Football Weekly]
The Cardinals GM has several important players who need new deals or the Super Bowl may be their last as a Cardinal

Weekend Roundup

Here’s a look at what I was reading this week.

Pondering the Donovan McNabb Legacy [The Big Lead]
Good discussion of Donovan’s status in NFL QB lore

Top 5 Crazy Things Playstation’s Hirai Said Today [Wired|Game Life]
Even if a couple of things might have a hint of truth, this guy is clearly out of his mind, and it’s not a good sign for Sony if someone with his head this far up his ass is calling any shots

How’s Your Hangover [Iggles Blog]
Most Eagles fans seem rather satisfied and only a little disappointed about Sunday’s loss.  Not Derek.

Dust Off Your Magnifying Glass to Be Frugal and Still Enjoy Life [Frugal Dad]
I love this site, if for no other reason than this guy’s thoughts help me from hitting that “Add to Cart” button on a few things I don’t need on Amazon every month.

Let’s Look at the Linebacker Question [Big Blue View]
Keeping tabs on the enemy.  The Eagles linebacker situation is immeasurably better than the Giants’.

Monday Eagles Hangover:  At Least They Found a New Way to Fail [Bounty Bowl]
Some very reasonable and funny thoughts on Sunday’s loss.

Cowboys Offering Roster Spot on Reality TV [BGN]
JasonB does his usual solid work, this time taking our favorite NFL owner to task for his idiocy.

Will Shurmur’s Exit Sway Donovan [Eaglesville]
Interesting take on Shurmur’s departure.  The guy who told Donovan he was benched is gone, will it affect Donovan?

Bill Sheridan Named New Giants’ D-Coordinator [Big Blue Interactive]
Some Giants react to their new D-Coordinator

Audibles at the Line:  Conference Championships [Football Outsiders]
Must read, every week.

Brian Sabean and the Case of Positive Acquisistions [McCovey Chronicles]

The 3400 Club [RotoAuthority]
If you’re playing fantasy baseball this year, an important look at injury-risk pitchers.

Hangover Cures: Myth vs Fact

This is a pretty handy read for everyone planning to party tonight and be functional tomorrow!

The Bar!


Any of you poor wretches stuck at work today like me?  No matter, I’ll avoid any semblence productivity as best I can.

Hey, between the Eagles’ miracle and New Year’s, it’s undeniably a week for celebrating, right?

So let’s do something fun, vote for your favorite pic of Hank Baskett’s fiance, Kendra Wilkinson that we posted this year!

Kendra Wilkinson Kendra Wilkinson Kendra Wilkinson Kendra Wilkinson Kendra Wilkinson Kendra Wilkinson

Favorite Pic of Kendra

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Not Bad, Samberg

I’m not sure if this one is as good as “Dick in a Box“, but I still laughed.  At least SNL has something going for it now.