The Belichick Rule

I caught this clip of Billy Gillespie not-too-kindly informing ESPN sideline reporter Jeannine Edwards that she asked him a “bad question.”

Regardless of what you think of the question (it was harmless), rebuking ESPN’s 5th string sideline reporter is below the type of behavior you expect from the head coach of a major college program.  It’s unprofessional.  Politely answering these innocuous questions is simply what you do.

What’s more, this sort of quibbling and attitude gets noticed by other media members.  When you’re a struggling coach at UK, do you really want to do anything to antagonize the media?

First you get the resume and the results.  Then you can start treating people like you’re better than them.  This can henceforth be referred to as the Belichick rule.

Jim Boeheim v. Mic — KO in the 6th

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Orange lost a home game to Cleveland State last night on a 65 foot buzzer beater.

Then Coach Boeheim had to do the post-game presser with a belligerent microphone.  The hilarious video below:

Well, this is pretty miserable

Looks like Devendorf is in the kind of trouble it’s going to be hard to get out of. The SU Judicial Review Board has suspended him for the rest of the year for allegedly striking a fellow student (a female) in the face. From their statement, in possibly my favorite sentence of all time:

“The Board found that on or about Nov. 1, 2008 at or near 703 Walnut Avenue, you physically harassed another Syracuse University student by intentionally striking her with your hand causing her to become alarmed and annoyed,” according to the letter to Devendorf from Rami Badawy, SU’s director of judicial affairs.

Mr Badawy, I too am alarmed and annoyed.

(For point of clarification, “alarmed and annoyed” is the criminal standard for a violation of harassment.  In order to find against him on 2 of the 5 counts they had to show he broke that law against her.)

Seriously, Devo… you’re already on probation. You can’t keep your hands to yourself for one freaking year? You’ll be a rich man if you can simply behave and play basketball well. God dammit.

Davidson Rules

For those of you who haven’t seen this yet… another reason to cheer for Davidson tonight:

One of Davidson College’s famous perks is the free laundry service for students. Now the school is adding another freebie: watching the Wildcats play in the NCAA tournament’s round of 16.

The school’s board of trustees set up a fund Wednesday to pay for any student wishing to travel to Detroit to see Davidson play Wisconsin in the Midwest Regional semifinals. Students will get free bus transportation, two nights lodging and a ticket to Friday’s game.

Awesome. Enjoy the games!

My Bracket

I spent some time last night trying to figure out some way to link to it, to no avail. So I took a screenshot.

I feel pretty good about the Duke loss, as I had them losing in the next round anyway. And the Midwest is still perfect!

What’s the Opposite of Eloquent?

I really don’t want to pick on Len Elmore. He seems like a nice guy, and when he does X’s and O’s he’s really pretty good. But, I am compelled by the comedy gods to share what just came out of his mouth:

“I sometimes like to call Luke Harrengody ‘the bull in the china shop’, because he doesn’t care what he looks like, he just gets the job done.”

Yep. I challenge you to think about that for more than two seconds without bursting into laughter.