Nate Robinson: Ballin in Westchester

This may or may not be at all interesting, but I got what I thought was an interesting text message from a buddy tonight:Nate Robinson

Just finished playing two hours of pickup with Nate Robinson. Dude can jump.

He followed that up with:

We play in Westchester. I talked with him for a little while. He liked me because I was a ‘hustlah’. He really can jump outrageously high. He gets into the club just so everyone can watch him.

The buddy is a public high school teacher and coach in the Hudson Valley. Robinson is a pretty compelling personality in the NBA — remember the fight with Melo?

The guy has a serious case of little man syndrome, and New York may not be the best place for him to try and keep his emotions in check for his career.

But at least Isiah is out of the picture now.  That can only be helpful.

Shaquille O’Neal, Inspiring Politicians

NPR did a segment this morning on New York Governor Spitzer’s “State of Upstate” address. They fact-checked a few of his remarks, asked various lawmakers for their thoughts on the speech, etc.

At one point a state senator from Suffolk County voiced his uneasiness with the speech, worried that New York City and surrounding areas could be forgotten in this year’s state budget.

NPR then immediately cut to a lawmaker from Harlem. This is word for word:

As the great American soothsayer Shaquille O’Neil once said, ‘if you don’t feed the big dog, the house goes unprotected.’ I think that is especially relevant here. New York City is too big and too important to forget about. I’m not worried.