Giants in NLCS, Baseball and Football Bets

The weeknd… Saturday night we get the Lincecum and Halladay matchup, which is so fantastic it actually pushed the Yankees out of primetime (and that is a beautiful thing).  More Giants/Phils on Sunday night in primetime, with a weekend full of football betting.

First off, tonight’s game.  You could reasonably take the Rangers ML and the Rangers with the +1.5 they are getting.  But I’m throwing down on the Under.  CJ Wilson is the real deal (and CC is CC), and Vegas has put the line at 8/8.5.  Get 8.5 if you can, I had to settle for 8.  I’m also putting a smaller wager on Rangers +1.5.

Tomorrow, nothing taken yet, but leaning:

Army +7
Maryland +14.5
Ohio St -4
Cal +3
Hawaii +7

Giddy up!

SportsDork Bets to Date:  21-15

Giants to the NLCS, Betting Update

There are certain sounds and body movements a man really can’t get away with making while retaining his dignity.  If I didn’t cross that line last night, it was damn close.  And that was in my home.  Saturday night, in public, Lincecum versus Halladay.  If you’re with me, please leave the cameras at home.

I fell asleep last night with the score 15-13 in the Vikes/Jets game.  I am able to fall asleep with bets still in play generally when there’s a fair degree of confidence I’m not going to get killed.  Oops.  21 points in the last five minutes.  Ridiculous, even for a game involving Favre.

Tonight:  Love Cliff Lee in all circumstances.  Taking the Rangers ML and Under 6.5, separately.

To Date:  19-15

Salty and the Sox

Take it from someone who has unwisely found a roster spot for Jarrod Saltalamacchia on his fantasy squad year after year… the guy is always an injury waiting to happen.

So when they decided to combine Salty’s injury history with what is happening to the Red Sox this season, something like a “mysterious leg infection” was bound to happen. In fact, he’ll probably be dead soon.


Why Are the Pirates About to Fire John Russell?

Update:  Just an additional thought that came to me.  It’s been mentioned in several places that this would be exclusively a PR move rather than a baseball decision, to assure Pirates fans that the organization is “committed to winning”, whatever that means.  But firing Russell now would likely have the exact opposite effect.  Firings aren’t a feel good story, and that breeds negativity in the fan base in a season where the Pirates have at least a few things going the right way.  A few days worth of stories about yet another Pirates’ failure is what the organization should be trying to avoid.

The baseball guys at report that the Pirates could be on the verge of firing John Russell, who is in the middle of his third losing season with the Buccos.  According to the report and “multiple league sources”, the Pirates are holding talks about his immediate future.

It is a perfectly legitimate exercise for a team like the Pirates to have discussions about the future of anyone in the organization, and certainly the manager.  But you have to wonder, in the middle of a season where the Pirates are (rightfully) undertaking a major youth movement, what would be the wisdom of suddenly changing the skipper.

The team has no expectations of contending, of course.  So unless Russell is not the right guy to get the young guys behaving and training like major league players, all this move will do is add instability to an already tumultuous season.

“Stiff, impassive demeanor” is a phrase being used to criticize Russell apparently.  Funny, that it’s in stark contrast to the “player friendly, good-guy” image of Dave Trembley that got him fired.

Frankly, it’s our belief that young players need a stable, level-headed guy at the helm, especially when the losses are piling up.  Dismissing Russell would be a mistake at this point, especially since an attractive alternative isn’t available (Bobby Valentine, seriously?).

Let the season play out, continue to call up the young players.  No managerial change at this point is going to convince your fans your “determined to win”.  You know what will do that?  Actually winning.

[MLB Trade Rumors]

Strasburg Dominates the Red Wings

Got to watch Stephen Strasburg for the first time last night, as he cruised through 6 and a third innings of shutout ball.  They are sticking with his 90 pitch ceiling.  In that time he was able to set a new personal high-mark for strikeouts with 7.

His fastball was consistently 96-98, breaking stuff was unhittable.  Now, to be fair, the Red Wings have generally found everything unhittable this year.  So take it for what it’s worth.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the night came as Strasburg was being fetched off the mound by his manager in the seventh.  The sell-out crowd gave him a standing ovation, but that turned to a loud chorus of boos when he never acknowledged it.  No tip of the hat, no wave, nada.

C’mon man.  I know you probably think this is small-time stuff, but show the paying customers some respect and be a little gracious.

Joe Girardi Cares About the Fucking Rules

You’ve probably read that the Yankees officially protested last night’s game.  What offended the Yankees’ skipper?

The beef was not that Girardi thought there was no evidence that Beckett was injured.  Rather, he was protesting the fact that Delcarmen was called for before the umpires were informed that Beckett was injured (i.e. it was “indicated’ that he was injured).


The rain gods decided I was not to see Stephen Strasburg last night.  Of course, I’m unable to go to the make-up tonight.  Damn you, rain gods.

Goodbye Trevor Hoffman

I remember watching the ’98 Padres and seeing Hoffman trot out of the bullpen during the playoffs.  That season he saved 53 games in one of the greatest seasons ever for a reliever.

Trevor Hoffman turned 31 that season.

It’s been a great career, but it’s finally over.  Hoffman faced five batters yesterday and he retired none of them.  That likely will be the final straw for Brewers’ management, who have rightfully given him time to work through this.

Unfortunately for them, Hoffman’s five blown saves in 10 chances have meant five losses that should have been wins, and perhaps a hole they can’t dig out of.

Weekend Roundup

Minka KellyHere’s what I was reading this week.

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Whitlock is always interesting, thought-provoking, and completely original.  The guy is good.

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Celebrity Phone Numbers Accidentally Sold with Phone on Ebay [GizModo]
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Dragon Age:  Origins [Wired|Game Life]
“There are times when you just sort of push back from the keyboard and go, ‘What am I going to do here?’” says the game’s executive producer, Dan Tudge. Dragon Age, he says, is a game for mature audiences — not because of blood and gore, but because of “the weight and reality of the choices you’d expect to experience in heavy situations.”  Sweet.

A Closer Look:  Rushing Offense [Iggles Blog]
Those are some ugly numbers.  What the Birds will get from next season’s rushing attack is anyone’s guess.

If I Was the Eagles GM [Inside the Iggles]
Well, that was easy.

Enjoy Minka, the rest of the weekend, and see you on Monday.

Weekend Roundup

Here’s a look at what I was reading this week.

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