Around the Internets 8-30-2010

[Iconic Photos] Today’s Iconic Photo is especially brutal, and the story is incredible.  If you aren’t already regularly stopping by this site, you really should.  Especially if you’re a history buff.

[XKCD] Yep, it really is an exciting time for anyone interested in space.

[Football News Now]  Seems like every day Jamaal Jackson increases his odds of playing in the season opener.  And in inconsequential site news that no one cares about, we’ll be avoiding linking to directly as long as their site is intrusive and obnoxious with their ads.

[Iggles Blog] Get the game review from Tommy Lawlor of this weekend’s frustrating game against the Chiefs.

[Washington Post] MLB trying to grow the game in China.

Today’s Happenings

Hanley Ramirez continues to be not helpful.  [SunSentinal]

One wonders, after considering comments from other players on the Marlins, how much of a problem Hanley has truly been during his career.  An apology, both in public and to the team is badly needed here.

Scientists get some new clues that explain our existence.  [NY Times]

Should the federal government get rid of the mortgage interest deduction?  [Reuters]

Jason Donald, an important piece of the Cliff Lee trade, is up playing for the Indians today.  He got a hit in his first plate appearance.  [ESPN]

Anil Dash doesn’t like NDAs.  We work for a company that’s been burned, not sure we agree.  [Dashes]