Weekend Roundup

Minka KellyHere’s what I was reading this week.

Furor Over A-Rod, Bonds, all about Babe [FoxSports]
Whitlock is always interesting, thought-provoking, and completely original.  The guy is good.

John Clayton Continues to Fuel Boldin Rumors [BGN]
Seriously, what the fuck is up with John Clayton?  His job is to be a baseless, sourceless, rumor monger now?

Celebrity Phone Numbers Accidentally Sold with Phone on Ebay [GizModo]
How much would he have paid if he had known he was getting Natalie Portman’s number with the Blackberry?

Dragon Age:  Origins [Wired|Game Life]
“There are times when you just sort of push back from the keyboard and go, ‘What am I going to do here?’” says the game’s executive producer, Dan Tudge. Dragon Age, he says, is a game for mature audiences — not because of blood and gore, but because of “the weight and reality of the choices you’d expect to experience in heavy situations.”  Sweet.

A Closer Look:  Rushing Offense [Iggles Blog]
Those are some ugly numbers.  What the Birds will get from next season’s rushing attack is anyone’s guess.

If I Was the Eagles GM [Inside the Iggles]
Well, that was easy.

Enjoy Minka, the rest of the weekend, and see you on Monday.

New Kodak Products Getting High Praise

This is more for the few local readers I have — some glowing remarks on Kodak’s new products.  This is from John Dvorak in the current issue of PC Magazine (no link as it’s the print version only):

So I had a meeting with Kodak at which the company was showing off an aggressive line of new products, including the slick Zi6 pocket video camera that shoots an HD vid optimized for uploading to online video services.  This is going to be a hot product for the company.

I was shown another relatively new dvice, the 10 MP M1033 — a small still camera that takes the same 720p HD movies in 16:9 format as the Zi6, costs about the same (under $200), but incorporates Kodak’s new “Smart Capture”, a technology that is actually astonishing.  The camera senses what sort of pic you are trying to shoot and adjusts the entire profile as if you were using the “scene” modes.  Get too close and it switches to macro mode instantly.  Shoot mountains and it goes automatically into the scenic mode for shooting mountains.

On top of that it handles backlighting better than any pocket camera ever.  I have never gotten such outstanding still pictures from a pocket camera.  This has to be one of the best cameras ever produced by Kodak.  The Zi6 looks to be the trendy to for this Christmas, but if I had to choose between the two I’d get the M1033.  Oh, the best part?  It weighs only five ounces.  Highly recommended.

A robust holiday season would be incredible for the company.