Giants Still Chasing Edwards?

Caught this over at BBI.

The following was provided to me by a legitimate source (not one of the previous Edwards asshats on this site):

“The talks are still on. The Browns are being cheap right now and have no interest in re-signing Edwards to a big deal. They are willing to take low compensation. They are asking for a conditional next year (high as a 3) and Danny Ware and Mario Manningham (who Mangini wanted badly for the Jets). They were asking for these same two players before the draft, but the feeling is they can get NY to bite now that they got Nicks and Brown in the draft.”

“(I do not) know the status of the Giants response to this offer.”

I do find it amusing that at least one of the site admins over there refers to his readers as “asshats”, but beyond that — if his source is real, this sort of sucks.

I think, in the aftermath of the draft, we had all breathed a sigh of relief that the Giants hadn’t pulled off a deal for one of the big time receivers rumored to be available.  Hakeem Nicks isn’t scaring the NFC East yet.  And Eli Manning playing his first full year without Plaxico Burress is a happy thought for Birds fans.

So… Heyward-Bey

What’s not to like about this guy?  Tall, check.  Fast, hell yes.  Leaping ability, phenomenal.  Playmaker, absolutely (he averaged over 15 yards a catch the last two seasons).

So why isn’t this guy a top 10 pick?

Well, they say his hands aren’t that great.  That he doesn’t run precise routes and he tends to have alligator arms over the middle.  He’s an awful blocker.

Regardless, knowing how the pre-draft buzz works, shouldn’t we expect this guy’s stock to go up?  If those are his negatives they aren’t necessarily the sort of things that show up big in workouts.  Over the next month he’ll continue to impress scouts with his straight-line speed and leaping ability.

There aren’t any linebackers or safeties lurking during Pro Day.

So with 40 times like that, impressive workouts, etc — this guy will probably shoot up the draft charts, right?  Especially without much top-end receiver talent ahead of him.

Rumors: Eagles and Derrick Ward

Mike Garafalo reports that the rumors of Derrick Ward’s visit to Philadelphia over the weekend are untrue.

The Eagles have been linked to Ward by multiple sources, but at this point it is nothing more than whispers.  It appears the Giants are truly uninterested in retaining the running back, and if he lingers long enough maybe the Birds eventually get interested (once it’s clear that he’s not getting a blockbuster deal).

Ward’s style and size could be a great compliment to Westbrook.  But it’s important to remember his age.  The guy has had sort of a strange  career, quitting Fresno St and finishing his college days at Ottawa University in Kansas at age 24.  He’ll be 29 when the season starts, so you know the Eagles won’t signing him to anything long-term.

Count on the Birds going after a running back in the draft.

Eagles Rumors: Now They’re Free Agents

Dawkins, Thomas, Runyan.  Clearly, things haven’t quite proceeded as we imagined at this point, maybe not how the Eagles’ front office imagined either.  Still no word on visits to other teams for Thomas or Dawkins, but stay on the lookout.

You’ve read the news on Buckhalter.  Whether or not he ultimately signs with Denver, it’s pretty clear this guy is gone.

Some wild rumors out of St. Louis:  The Eagles will trade for Torry Holt — giving up Reggie Brown and a draft pick.  Don would have a hard time being upset about that.

Cardinals young defensive end Antonio Smith has been invited by the Eagles to come to Philadelphia and visit the NovaCare complex.  That’s a bit surprising, considering the perceived logjam at the position (Cole, Abiamiri, Thomas, Howard, Clemons).  What would the Eagles do with that guy?

Eagles Rumors: Jason Brown (Ravens)

By now you’ve read about it somewhere (I saw it on BGN), a rumor initially floated by Howard Eskin — the Eagles are (not should be, they are) interested in Ravens guard/center Jason Brown.

Here’s what we know about Brown and this rumor.

He’s been in the NFL four years.  He can play both guard and center.  He grabbed the starting job five weeks into his sophomore season and has played in every game since then.  He’s durable.

The rumor, as I said, was floated by Howard Eskin at first.  The conventional wisdom on Eskin is that he can be a mouthpiece for Andy Reid and the Eagles organization.  If that’s the case here, it’s an indication that the Tra Thomas negotiations aren’t going well.  Acquiring Brown means Herremans or Andrews are definitely moving to tackle, probably both of them.  If this comes to fruition, the line may look like (from left to right):  Herremans, Brown, Jackson, MJG, Andrews.

And if this is true it means the Eagles might not need a big, NFL-ready OT in the first round in the April draft.

Eagles Rumors: So, Laveranues Coles

Laveranues ColesThe Jets have released him.  He’s had some pretty awesome seasons, but he’s old (31, same age as TJ Houshmandzadeh).

Would the Eagles consider him?  Well, it’s sort of the same situation as Marvin Harrison, although perhaps a little less acute.  Coles’ best days may be behind him, he’s not really a deep threat like he used to be, and if he’s involved in the offense it could hinder the development of someone rather important the Eagles already have — Desean Jackson.

Here is the data for you to ponder:

2008:  70 receptions, 850 yds, 12.1 ypc, 7 TD , 132 DYAR, 2.0% DVOA
2007:  55 receptions, 646 yds, 11.7 ypc, 6 TD, 130 DYAR, 5.7% DVOA
2006:  91 receptions, 1098 yds, 12.1 ypc, 6 TD, 144 DYAR, -.9 DVOA

He’s been pretty durable, but that tends to diminish with age too.  He might not garner the interest that Houshmandzadeh will, but with the dearth of talent available in the free agency pool, Coles could still end up getting more than a little overpaid.  Will the Eagles like him enough to overpay?

NFC East: Housh Coming to the division?

But not as all those eagles rumors sites have claimed he is.  At least, according to the Sporting News, which says Houshmandzadeh is the #1 free agency target of the Giants.

OK, so that article is nothing more than speculation.   Illogical speculation, actually — the Eagles “top targets” apparently are Tra Thomas followed by Albert Haynesworth (!!!).  Right.

Eagles Rumors: Marvin Harrison

Yeah, I suppose we might as well address the elephant in the room.  It looks like the Colts are on the verge of cutting Marvin Harrison, and if they do there’s all sorts of speculation he might want to return home and play for Philadelphia.

If the Colts do release him, here’s what the Eagles might be thinking are the positives:

This guy seems like the type to get motivated when cut.  He’s reuniting with another ‘Cuse alum and would work his tail off to regain his form.  He has always been able to make incredible catches, one of the best ever.  He would sell a TON OF JERSEYS.

And the drawbacks:

He’s little.  Did you watch him last year?  He was terrible and looked like he was moving at half-speed.  There’s that whole “shooting” thing.  It could hamper the development of Jackson.  He’s not exactly a locker room sweetheart.

So what do you think?

Should the Eagles pursue Marvin Harrison if he’s cut?

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Draft News: Pettigrew Training with Michael Johnson

Brandon PettigrewOlympic gold medalists can always find work:

You may remember Michael Johnson as the medal-festooned Olympic sprinter, but Mr. Johnson’s got a nice little post-retirement gig going in helping draft-eligible players work on their 40-yard dashes in preparation for the Combine. Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew, whose receiving ability and willingness to block makes him a rarity in the era of the spread hybrid players at his position, has been dinged by some scouts over his deep speed. So, he signed up with the Michael Johnson Performance Center and got to work.

How has it helped? We won’t know until Pettigrew runs, but he seems confident in the process. “He’s Michael Johnson. He knows what he’s doing,” Pettigrew said.

Sort of a complex situation for Eagles fans hoping that Pettigrew falls into the Birds’ hands at pick #21 — you better hope this training doesn’t pay off in a big way.  If Pettigrew impresses with his 40 time it’s doubtful he’ll make it past the top 15 picks.

Update 2/22:  Well, I doubt Johnson will be including this particular endeavor in his auto-biography.  Pettigrew ran a 4.87  Ouch.

Eagles Rumors: So Much for Scaife

We speculated last week about the team’s potential interest in UFA Bo Scaife of the Titans.  That’s another dead end, as the Titans have franchised him today.

Lot’s of contract action around the league today.  All quiet from the Birds though.