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The Impending Mike Vick Injury

Kevin KolbSo it really looks like Kevin Kolb is out this weekend.  Which means there’s a whole bunch of “Team Vick”* folks who are pretty happy.

But there’s little discussion about what seems to be a pretty obvious lack of judgment on the part of Big Red and his team… what happens if, during one of his many violent collisions with people much larger than him, Michael Vick gets injured?

Right now what happens is “Mike Kafka”.  And maybe that’s a risk Andy Reid is willing to take with the understanding that the ringing in Kevin Kolb’s ears is going to clear up real soon.

But what if it doesn’t?  Are we sure, given that Kolb is three days removed and still failing concussion tests, that he’s going to be back even in Week 3?

Things could get very, very ugly very, very quickly.

*Never too early to break this meme out

[Delaware Online] Kolb and Bradley Fail Concussion Tests

Eagles News: Stacy Andrews, Your New Right Tackle

I gotta say, with an effort to be an easy-going casual Eagles fan, it’s going to be pretty cool to have brothers mashing people next to each other on the offensive line.  I can only imagine how excited young Shawn and big brother are.

But it is also, almost certainly, the end of the road for two Eagles greats.  And I mean that, greats.  Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan have been absolutely irreplacable during this almost full decade of winning seasons for Philadelphia.  I hope they both are able to enjoy life outside of an Eagles uniform.

This signing, obviously, has a major impact on what the Eagles can and will do in the NFL draft now.  You’ve got to be excited about those two first-round picks, knowing they can be used on skill position guys.  Very cool.

Eagles Rumors: Jason Brown (Ravens)

By now you’ve read about it somewhere (I saw it on BGN), a rumor initially floated by Howard Eskin — the Eagles are (not should be, they are) interested in Ravens guard/center Jason Brown.

Here’s what we know about Brown and this rumor.

He’s been in the NFL four years.  He can play both guard and center.  He grabbed the starting job five weeks into his sophomore season and has played in every game since then.  He’s durable.

The rumor, as I said, was floated by Howard Eskin at first.  The conventional wisdom on Eskin is that he can be a mouthpiece for Andy Reid and the Eagles organization.  If that’s the case here, it’s an indication that the Tra Thomas negotiations aren’t going well.  Acquiring Brown means Herremans or Andrews are definitely moving to tackle, probably both of them.  If this comes to fruition, the line may look like (from left to right):  Herremans, Brown, Jackson, MJG, Andrews.

And if this is true it means the Eagles might not need a big, NFL-ready OT in the first round in the April draft.

Eagles Cheerleaders: Wait, was there an application process for this?

How did I miss this last year?  Did anyone else in the Birds blogosphere comment on it? 

The judges at the 2008 audition show included (from left) ex-Eagle Brian Baldinger, Maryann Wenger of NFL Films, and Barbara Zaun, the Eagles’ director of cheerleading.

How did Baldinger get that gig?  Did he have to beat anyone out for it?  Does he get to do it again this year?  Dammit, can’t we get Michael Smith on this case?

And because it’s very, very important to know what we’re talking about, here’s a photo from last year’s “Pre-Audition Workshop”.   The 2009 version opens this week.

Eagles Cheerleaders Workout

Image courtesy of

Eagles News: Help for Banner

What, is Joe’s calculator malfunctioning?  Since when does this guy need high-profile help like this?

The Eagles announced on Thursday that they have named Andrew Brandt as a consultant to assist in the areas of player contract negotiations and salary cap management. In this role, Brandt will work closely with Eagles president Joe Banner with those matters through August, 2009.

Brandt left the Green Bay Packers last year after nine years as vice president, where he handled all player contracts and managed the salary cap for the Packers. Prior to that, Brandt spent many years as a player agent, representing NFL players such as Matt Hasselbeck, Adam Vinatieri and Ricky Williams.

Wow.  Maybe with the possibility of an uncapped year and the complications involved, the Birds felt they needed another big-time nerd.

Eagles Draft Info: Couple of Reminders

First, as most of you realize, the combine starts on Wednesday and runs a full week.  For those interested, we have the important NFL off-season dates listed here.

Second, starting next month college programs will have “Pro Day” workouts for their players who are entering the NFL draft. has as complete a list as you’ll find of the pro day schedules.  It is updated regularly.  Check it out.

Weekend Roundup

Minka KellyHere’s what I was reading this week.

Furor Over A-Rod, Bonds, all about Babe [FoxSports]
Whitlock is always interesting, thought-provoking, and completely original.  The guy is good.

John Clayton Continues to Fuel Boldin Rumors [BGN]
Seriously, what the fuck is up with John Clayton?  His job is to be a baseless, sourceless, rumor monger now?

Celebrity Phone Numbers Accidentally Sold with Phone on Ebay [GizModo]
How much would he have paid if he had known he was getting Natalie Portman’s number with the Blackberry?

Dragon Age:  Origins [Wired|Game Life]
“There are times when you just sort of push back from the keyboard and go, ‘What am I going to do here?’” says the game’s executive producer, Dan Tudge. Dragon Age, he says, is a game for mature audiences — not because of blood and gore, but because of “the weight and reality of the choices you’d expect to experience in heavy situations.”  Sweet.

A Closer Look:  Rushing Offense [Iggles Blog]
Those are some ugly numbers.  What the Birds will get from next season’s rushing attack is anyone’s guess.

If I Was the Eagles GM [Inside the Iggles]
Well, that was easy.

Enjoy Minka, the rest of the weekend, and see you on Monday.

NFL Pro Day Schedule, Combine Participants

This is pretty sweet — has listed the Pro Day schedules of many NCAA schools along with the players coming out from those programs who will be participating in the combine (one week away).

Here’s a few to wet your pallet.

Ohio State:  March 13 (Chris Wells, many others)
Oklahoma St:  March 11 (Brandon Pettigrew, Matt Fodge)
Pittsburgh:  March 17 (LeSean McCoy, others)