Eagles Vacation

Back when this blog was most active it was, probably at a minimum, eighty percent Eagles content.  That was simply a reflection of what I’ve been most passionate about, which was always the Eagles.  This was my space for barfing up my Eagles stream of consciousness.

But something happened to me as last season came to an end.  Maybe this was unique to me but I don’t think it was.  I got burned out.

It had nothing to do with a change in how much I cared about the Eagles.  Far from it, that fire still burns.  But I simply couldn’t spend another off-season reading every day about another failed playoff run and the predictable, tired “who will McNabb play for next season” drama while the same arguments play out in every paper, radio, and blog that covered the subject.  I just wasn’t up for it, so I reduced my winter and spring investment in the Eagles to basic news.

The trade made me feel as twisted up as anyone else.  And all the relief that came with Donovan’s baggage (well, most of it) being taken by truck down to DC somehow reinforced my decision to keep the Birds at arms length for a while.  It was cathartic.

It’s nice to be getting back in the swing of things, though.  I’m guessing I’m not alone.  Just seeing NFL teams square off this August really got the blood flowing again and I feel like I’ve hit stage 8 or 9 of my Donovan recovery.  Just in time.

Around the Internets 8-30-2010

[Iconic Photos] Today’s Iconic Photo is especially brutal, and the story is incredible.  If you aren’t already regularly stopping by this site, you really should.  Especially if you’re a history buff.

[XKCD] Yep, it really is an exciting time for anyone interested in space.

[Football News Now]  Seems like every day Jamaal Jackson increases his odds of playing in the season opener.  And in inconsequential site news that no one cares about, we’ll be avoiding linking to Philly.com directly as long as their site is intrusive and obnoxious with their ads.

[Iggles Blog] Get the game review from Tommy Lawlor of this weekend’s frustrating game against the Chiefs.

[Washington Post] MLB trying to grow the game in China.

Salty and the Sox

Take it from someone who has unwisely found a roster spot for Jarrod Saltalamacchia on his fantasy squad year after year… the guy is always an injury waiting to happen.

So when they decided to combine Salty’s injury history with what is happening to the Red Sox this season, something like a “mysterious leg infection” was bound to happen. In fact, he’ll probably be dead soon.