Fantasy Baseball: Be Careful With Mike Stanton

Mike Stanton MarlinsIt’s all over the rumor mill by now, the Marlins will be calling up the much-hyped outfielder Mike Stanton very soon.  Right now he’s likely owned in many NL-only leagues and guys in mixed leagues will likely be paying close attention and probably trying to pick him up before their fellow owners.

Stanton has incredible power which he put on display during spring training.  He already has 17 HR’s for Triple-A Jacksonville.  His power stroke will likely translate immediately (though tempered a little) in the majors.

But be careful here.  He’s hitting .306 this season, but this is a guy who has 45 strikeouts in 160 at-bats.  Major League pitchers will not be as forgiving, they’ll find those holes in his swing.  This is a player who is likely to hurt, not help your average both in the short and long-term.

Bid, but don’t overbid on Stanton.

Oil Spill — Under the Surface

This is an absolutely terrifying look at what you haven’t been seeing.  Under the surface in the Gulf.

With the news today that BP’s initial estimates of oil spill rate were — surprise! — well under reality, things really look bleak for the GoM ecosystem.

Strasburg Dominates the Red Wings

Got to watch Stephen Strasburg for the first time last night, as he cruised through 6 and a third innings of shutout ball.  They are sticking with his 90 pitch ceiling.  In that time he was able to set a new personal high-mark for strikeouts with 7.

His fastball was consistently 96-98, breaking stuff was unhittable.  Now, to be fair, the Red Wings have generally found everything unhittable this year.  So take it for what it’s worth.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the night came as Strasburg was being fetched off the mound by his manager in the seventh.  The sell-out crowd gave him a standing ovation, but that turned to a loud chorus of boos when he never acknowledged it.  No tip of the hat, no wave, nada.

C’mon man.  I know you probably think this is small-time stuff, but show the paying customers some respect and be a little gracious.

Joe Girardi Cares About the Fucking Rules

You’ve probably read that the Yankees officially protested last night’s game.  What offended the Yankees’ skipper?

The beef was not that Girardi thought there was no evidence that Beckett was injured.  Rather, he was protesting the fact that Delcarmen was called for before the umpires were informed that Beckett was injured (i.e. it was “indicated’ that he was injured).


The rain gods decided I was not to see Stephen Strasburg last night.  Of course, I’m unable to go to the make-up tonight.  Damn you, rain gods.

Goodbye Trevor Hoffman

I remember watching the ’98 Padres and seeing Hoffman trot out of the bullpen during the playoffs.  That season he saved 53 games in one of the greatest seasons ever for a reliever.

Trevor Hoffman turned 31 that season.

It’s been a great career, but it’s finally over.  Hoffman faced five batters yesterday and he retired none of them.  That likely will be the final straw for Brewers’ management, who have rightfully given him time to work through this.

Unfortunately for them, Hoffman’s five blown saves in 10 chances have meant five losses that should have been wins, and perhaps a hole they can’t dig out of.

Today’s Happenings

Hanley Ramirez continues to be not helpful.  [SunSentinal]

One wonders, after considering comments from other players on the Marlins, how much of a problem Hanley has truly been during his career.  An apology, both in public and to the team is badly needed here.

Scientists get some new clues that explain our existence.  [NY Times]

Should the federal government get rid of the mortgage interest deduction?  [Reuters]

Jason Donald, an important piece of the Cliff Lee trade, is up playing for the Indians today.  He got a hit in his first plate appearance.  [ESPN]

Anil Dash doesn’t like NDAs.  We work for a company that’s been burned, not sure we agree.  [Dashes]