Back With A Little Praise

So it’s been a while.  And I really had no shortage of friends and family who told me that once the baby was born I would be forgetting about my current hobbies.  But I still had no idea.

Yeah, listen to your friends and family.

But now, with the babe about to turn nine months old, and with (finally) a bit of downtime at work, I may be able to get back in the saddle around here.  Not that there’s anyone left to ride with anyway.

What actually drove me to log back in today was an absolutely fantastic customer service experience I had with a multinational.  These seem to be so few and far between I felt compelled to write about it.

I’m a Sprint Wireless customer.  I’ve largely been pleased, but not overwhelmed by their wireless service.  I switched from Verizon a few years back because I wanted an inexpensive data plan for my Treo.  I’m glad I left.

I needed to call into Sprint customer service today because my old Treo 750p is finally biting the dust.  I needed to make sure I was eligible for the maximum rebate on a new phone.

The customer service rep informed me that I was.  And then she kept talking.  And by the time she was done there was no way I could say no to a new 2-year commitment.

She asked me if I was happy with Sprint.  I told her I was lukewarm, and that I would at least consider other options.  She immediately cut $20 off my monthly bill for the next two years, no questions asked.   And if you are familiar with the various carriers’ plans, I was already well below rates for Verizon and AT&T customers with similar plans.

She also reminded me that, as a customer with a 3 year relationship with Sprint, I was a Premier member.  So I get a new phone with the maximum rebate every 12 months.  She then cut another 10% off my monthly bill because I had an AOL email address.

This is apparently a deal for AOL-TimeWarner employees, but some customer service managers feel comfortable giving it to anyone with an address.

I’m usually not much of a corporate cheerleader.  And brand allegiance isn’t my thing, either.  But if you’re looking for a wireless company that isn’t a draconian bohemoth like Verizon, has good data rates and cheap plans, I think you should give Sprint your business.  I’m pretty happy.