So… Heyward-Bey

What’s not to like about this guy?  Tall, check.  Fast, hell yes.  Leaping ability, phenomenal.  Playmaker, absolutely (he averaged over 15 yards a catch the last two seasons).

So why isn’t this guy a top 10 pick?

Well, they say his hands aren’t that great.  That he doesn’t run precise routes and he tends to have alligator arms over the middle.  He’s an awful blocker.

Regardless, knowing how the pre-draft buzz works, shouldn’t we expect this guy’s stock to go up?  If those are his negatives they aren’t necessarily the sort of things that show up big in workouts.  Over the next month he’ll continue to impress scouts with his straight-line speed and leaping ability.

There aren’t any linebackers or safeties lurking during Pro Day.

So with 40 times like that, impressive workouts, etc — this guy will probably shoot up the draft charts, right?  Especially without much top-end receiver talent ahead of him.

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  1. foos05 Says:

    I think he goes somewhere between 28 and 38 depending on the first 20 or so picks/trades. The problem with him is, due to all of the negatives, is he a one trick pony? If all he can do is run down the sideline, I can gameplan for that… Ya know?

  2. BFH Says:

    Indeed. Presumably the workouts and enough film review should give you an idea of what his ceiling is.

    Crabtree’s status is certainly solid, unless something crazy comes out injury wise. Looks like Maclin is locked into the first round, too.

    But H-B could probably end up as the third receiver taken if things go his way, no?

  3. foos05 Says:

    Yeah I don’t see why not. I think you can look at the WR position as a microcosim of the entire draft. There is a small percentage of players who are clearly “head and shoulders above the others” as more complete packages. After that, there’s a substantial drop off where the next clump of players are all relatively equal (Heyward-Bey, Nicks, Brit, Harvin). Those four players each have qualities that teams will find appealing, but have large deficiencies (physical or otherwise). The WR position, and the draft in general, lacks a nice curve of talent.

    Honestly, I think picks 1-5 will deserve to be in that area… after that, the next 30 or so picks are all individuals who should be going in the 20-40 range. Teams that are picking 6-19 are really going to overspend for what they get in return.

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