Hakeem Nicks, UNC Caterers Impress at Pro Day

This is rather interesting — Hakeem Nicks has added 14 pounds since the combine.  That’s a lot of weight.  He now comes in at nearly 6’1″ and 226.

And I had to share this, from Gil Brandt at NFL.com:

The event was held outdoors on FieldTurf, and players who ran the 40-yard dash ran it twice — once with the wind and once against the wind. The pro day included a nice lunch with soups, salads and sandwiches. Scouts were very impressed with the treatment.

It remains true that I can never get enough NFL related information.  That is hilarious.

So… Heyward-Bey

What’s not to like about this guy?  Tall, check.  Fast, hell yes.  Leaping ability, phenomenal.  Playmaker, absolutely (he averaged over 15 yards a catch the last two seasons).

So why isn’t this guy a top 10 pick?

Well, they say his hands aren’t that great.  That he doesn’t run precise routes and he tends to have alligator arms over the middle.  He’s an awful blocker.

Regardless, knowing how the pre-draft buzz works, shouldn’t we expect this guy’s stock to go up?  If those are his negatives they aren’t necessarily the sort of things that show up big in workouts.  Over the next month he’ll continue to impress scouts with his straight-line speed and leaping ability.

There aren’t any linebackers or safeties lurking during Pro Day.

So with 40 times like that, impressive workouts, etc — this guy will probably shoot up the draft charts, right?  Especially without much top-end receiver talent ahead of him.


Western NY is going to be crazy this fall.  Honestly, I’m happy for Bills fans.  I wouldn’t be happy for just about any other team, but these poor people needed some excitement.

The last few years have been a disaster, and this off-season has been particularly terrible for them as well — they’ve been losing talent and guys are getting in trouble.

The organization would have had some real trouble filling Ralph Wilson with the status quo.  Now that place is going to be rocking.  I guarantee you every game is sold out well before the season starts.

Wow.  It’s really going to be something.

Here’s Hoping the Streak Continues

And the Cowboys have the TO hangover the Niners and Eagles went through.  Actually, the Niners are still going through.

And with that being said, he’s still good enough that I don’t want the Giants or Redskins signing him.

C’mon Oakland, make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Rumors: Eagles and Derrick Ward

Mike Garafalo reports that the rumors of Derrick Ward’s visit to Philadelphia over the weekend are untrue.

The Eagles have been linked to Ward by multiple sources, but at this point it is nothing more than whispers.  It appears the Giants are truly uninterested in retaining the running back, and if he lingers long enough maybe the Birds eventually get interested (once it’s clear that he’s not getting a blockbuster deal).

Ward’s style and size could be a great compliment to Westbrook.  But it’s important to remember his age.  The guy has had sort of a strange  career, quitting Fresno St and finishing his college days at Ottawa University in Kansas at age 24.  He’ll be 29 when the season starts, so you know the Eagles won’t signing him to anything long-term.

Count on the Birds going after a running back in the draft.