3 Crazy Eagles Scenarios that Might Not be That Crazy

A continued lack of hard news, combined with a total lack of interest in mock drafts (I’ve got to at least see the combine, free agency, and pro day workouts play out) has me pondering some of the wackier “what if?” notions of the Eagles future.

So in the spirit of the off-season (totally irresponsible, baseless speculation) here’s three potential moves the Eagles could make that on the surface might sound unexpected and a little goofy, but the more I thought about them the less crazy they seemed.

Kevin Kolb1.  The Eagles trade Kevin Kolb
We know Andy loved this guy even before his senior year at Houston.  We know that, despite a total lack of success in any regular season action, Reid was confident enough in him to promote him to the #2 spot on the depth chart this year over AJ.

Kolb’s rookie contract runs through 2010.  He’ll be 25 when the 2009 season starts.  He has given every indication that he’s a team player and he puts the work in.

But consider McNabb’s pending contract restructure, which now seems inevitable.  What if the Eagles give him a new 3-5 year deal that really guarantees two seasons.  Those are Kolb’s final two contract years.  And if McNabb plays well, he may very well end up finishing his career in Philly like he keeps saying he wants to.

Kolb would be 27 when he hits free agency.  He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’s going to be content as a career backup.  He wants to be “the guy.”  Is this guy really going to start his career as an NFL starter in 2011 at the earliest?  I don’t see this fella being happy the next three years holding a clip board.

That being said, you still have to consider the obvious injury history of McNabb.  But still, it’s kind of funny that two years after the “Donovan is soooo mad that the Eagles drafted Kevin Kolb” stories a reversal is in the works.

If the Eagles and McNabb strike a deal, they may get a few calls on Kolb.  Will any offer have enough in it to make it worth it for the Birds to part with him?  Seems unlikely, but organizations have made dumber trades for backup QBs.

2.  Eagles re-sign Buckhalter, go into 2009 with Westbrook and Buck as 1/2 again
Correll has stated that, when making a decision in free agency, he won’t turn down an opportunity to start somewhere else in order to stay with the Eagles.  No one will blame him for that.

But that scenario seems pretty far-fetched.  There aren’t a lot of teams ready to guarantee a starting job to a 30 year-old with multiple knee surgeries.  He may find his offers in free agency rather meager.

But he’s always been effective for the Birds.  Andy will know what he has with the guy, and after getting burned by the Lorenzo Booker deal last year, Andy might feel a lot better about his backfield situation if he’s got someone he can count on — even if Philadelphia may go crazy without a shiny new RB signed.

Winston Justice3.  Winston Justice, NFL Starter
You laugh, but what do we know about the guy aside from a couple high-profile disasters?  He did a pretty good job in full-time duty against the Bills, right?

It really doesn’t look like the Eagles will risk re-signing Runyan.  Hell, it doesn’t look like anyone will risk signing Runyan.  Tra Thomas’ is a free agent who didn’t play particularly well towards the end of the season (damn disaster in the NFCCG), and there are questions about his performance all season.

If Thomas and Runyan are gone, it’s not that long of a ride to get to “Winston Justice, starting right tackle”.  Andrews is a question mark.  Anyone you draft is still a rookie.  Free agency isn’t something you can totally control.

Excitement level might be damped down just a little bit when September hits, yeah.

6 Responses to “3 Crazy Eagles Scenarios that Might Not be That Crazy”

  1. KC Eagles Fan Says:

    I think these are the teams that could possibly be interested in Kolb:

    St. Louis
    San Francisco
    Tampa Bay

    I don’t think any of them would give up much, right? Like a 3rd round pick. Would it be worth it to the Eagles then?

  2. GMan Says:

    The Eagles should get what they can for him now, let AJ be the backup for the next 2-3 years, and draft another QB in the meantime.

    Why let this guy rot when you can get something for him? It’s not like he’s getting any valuable gametime experience.

  3. BFH Says:

    @GMan — This entire scenario is a longshot, but yeah, how does Kolb ever get much better without game action? And is this guy going to accept his “rookie” season as an NFL starter to be three or four years from now? He seems like a competitive guy, and I can see him wanting to bolt after his contract is up if McNabb is still here. Worth thinking about these things in advance.

  4. Hammer Says:

    The Jets would give their left Favre for Kolb. Think about it. The Eagles could buy out Vick, probably cheap, and keep him for a backup. The douche bag the Jets have now could go to Atlanta. So Vick rots on the bench in Philly, who cares, let the fans throw batteries at him for halftime entertainment.

  5. Tracer Bullet Says:

    I won’t be surprised if they trade Kolb NEXT year assuming McNabb gets a new deal and has a strong season. Off the top of my head, there are at least four QBs coming out who could go in the first round (Bradford, McCoy, Lefever and Tebow) so at least one of them might be available late in the draft (please let the Eagles pick late in the draft).

  6. blitzcorner.com Says:

    3 Crazy Eagles Scenarios that Might Not be That Crazy…

    A continued lack of hard news, combined with a total lack of interest in mock drafts (I’ve got to at least see the combine, free agency, and pro day workouts play out) has me pondering some of the wackier “what if?” notions of the Eagles future.

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