That Greener Grass: Jon Gruden

Jon Gruden, Not In PhillyWhat is with the constant fascination with Jon Gruden amongst Eagles fans and media?  It still lingers, even among those I would otherwise consider intelligent and reasonable.

His teams haven’t won a playoff game in six years.  That would get you fired in Philly.  He is a Bill Walsh disciple, with a very similar career path to Reid.  He would run just another version of the pass heavy WCO.  If you want Reid gone, why do you still want to watch his offense?

Have you read the nasty things his players have said about him now that he’s gone?

“I know for me personally, going through that with him was a very difficult time, disappointing time,” Garcia said according to WTSP-Ch. 10. “But the one thing that I always tried to look back on or reflect on was that I wasn’t the first and I won’t be the last. If it continues to be this way with players, it is going to get to a point where somebody who is above or in control will say ‘Enough is enough.’ I think that’s what it got to.”

Garcia sure wasn’t alone in his feelings.  This was a locker room that simply did not like their coach.  Michael Clayton:

“You have to treat people fairly.” When asked what he wished Gruden would’ve done differently, Clayton said, “It’s about showing more confidence in your players. He was kind of a turncoat. He’d tell you one thing and then do something else.”

And you think Reid has problems communicating with his players?  Yikes.

After Super Bowl XXXVII he was the new genius.  And the endless train of talking heads willing to get on their knees and worship him sure seems to have turned him into an arrogant headcase, incapable of getting along with his players or even keeping his word in the simplest of situations.

There was a quiet minority who tried to argue that the championship was Tony Dungy’s victory, not Gruden’s.  But they were largely ignored at the time.

Six years later, they seem vindicated.  Gruden hasn’t won a single playoff game since.  His career in Tampa has ended in his firing.

We don’t need this guy in Philly.

Update 1/27/09:  Simeon Rice chimes in — “I think he’s a scumbag.”  Awesome.

5 Responses to “That Greener Grass: Jon Gruden”

  1. KC Eagles Fan Says:

    I do think you’re right and Gruden is an asshole, he does have a track record of being able to take a veteran team and putting them over the top, what he did with the Bucs in their Super Bowl season.

  2. BFH Says:

    I can see the temptation there, but I’m pretty skeptical towards the notion that he can repeat something like that.

    Every situation is different. Just because that worked out with the Bucs, with a highly talented elite defense, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for the Birds.

    I think the risks of bringing him in (again, his teams haven’t won a playoff game in 6 years on top of his terrible relationship with players) outweigh the chance of him pulling him off a first season SB run again.

  3. Italo Says:

    Now I’m reminded of that wndferoul time in early 2011 when we were all speculating about who the Eagles would hire for defensive coordinator .. .and then I read that headline Eagles hire Castillo as DC and I thought to myself, There’s another guy named Castillo in the NFL!? Is he related to Juan? . .hopefully this time ends better .

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