Dodge, Duck, Dive, Dip, and… Dodge

A few days ago Iggles Blog noted two potential disasters the Eagles averted in the potential signings of LeCharles Bentley and Ryan Fowler. Well, the organization’s good fortune continues by way of not acquiring certain players.

While nowhere near as close to becoming an Eagle as either Bentley or Fowler, there were many reports that the Eagles were interested in the player who just got his face rearranged in Vegas, and who was ultimately signed by the Raiders.

Javon Walker’s talent is undeniable, but his exits from both Green Bay and Denver have been less than amicable. And this is his second terrible early morning incident. I’m not saying either were his fault, but for some guys, trouble has a way of finding you. Good non-move, Philly.


I miss Charlie Steiner. in Time Magazine

Time magazine just named as one of the “50 Best Websites of 2008.” I’m torn here. One the one hand, I won’t deny that I have regularly been one of the many millions of hits that Florio’s creation has clocked. The site is richly entertaining and the editor clearly has some connections deep inside the NFL.

But on the other hand… he’s just so damn wrong most of the time. I understand the site isn’t called “NFL News and Facts” — it’s a rumors site. And Florio makes no apologies for his high-mindedness and often annoying opinions.

But in my humble opinion (as a fan), it’s really time for someone to caution Florio that the site’s strengths — his inside sources (which mostly seem to be agents with an agenda) that deliver his unique rumors and rare breaking news are being drowned out by his clumsy attempts at on-the-field, roster, or talent analysis.

I, for one, have realized that over the course of the last 8 or 9 months I’ve visited the site quite a bit less. It wasn’t a conscious decision to do so, just the sort of thing that happens when an internet/football junkie like myself starts to lose interest in a site.


It’s 8:44 ET as I type this.  The Giants aren’t a good baseball team.  They are unlikely to be a good team next year, either.

But it doesn’t matter on nights like tonight because Tim Lincecum is absolutely filthy, and he is embarrassing the Nationals through three innings.  I don’t know if it will hold up for the entire game, but I’m pretty darn excited right now.

The Giants have control of this guy for at least 4 more years, and if they’re smart they’ll lock him up sooner rather than later.   I want this guy on my pitching staff for a long, long time.

Tom Brokaw Burns Belichick

I am watching some political coverage tonight. On MSNBC, they are interviewing Tom Brokaw (he’s basically rambling), but he included this gem:

“There will be a lot of Bill Belichick action over the next few months, taping each other’s practices if you will.”

God bless you, Mr. Brokaw.

Molina Gets 1000, Remains Very Cool

Bengie Molina got his 1000th career hit last night. I think his post-game quote is worth sharing:

“It means a lot to me,” an emotional Molina said. “It’s like most of the guys hitting 3,000. I know and understand I’m not a superstar. I’m not a Hall of Famer. But to get to 1,000 hits for a guy who wasn’t supposed to sign and signed for $1,000 — $750 after taxes — for a guy who wasn’t supposed to make in the minor leagues, for being the slowest guy in the world, to get 1,000 hits is really an honor for me.

Nicely done, Bengie.  Congratulations.

More Stupid Announcing

Astute sports fans aren’t really shocked by what we hear by the guys calling the games any more. Being informed doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite to getting on the air.

But man, Gary Thorn, who I thought was a pretty bright guy, just made one of the more embarrassing gaffes I’ve ever heard from a baseball play-by-play guy.

Kevin Millar had just lined a sharp ball down the third base line — it flew by Mike Lowell but landed a couple of feet foul. As MASN put it on replay:

Thorn: Wow, that is really close to being over third base. But that’s a tough call to make, really tough.

MASN replayed it again.

Thorn: You know, that is about as close as it gets. That may have gone over the bag.
Color Commentator: I think that only applies to ground balls.
Thorn: Yeah, that’s right.

And they moved on…


You can call the potential Jason Taylor trade many things — exciting, confusing, intriguing… but one thing is certain.

If somehow the Eagles do acquire him there will immediately be a rush to prematurely, illogically, and wrongly call the Eagles defense “the best” heading into 2008. And although everyone enjoys listening to their team get complimented, more than anything, it will annoy me.