Eagles Draft Coverage, Continued

What a day. If you’ve ever worked with patent attorneys before, you probably have rushed for the beer fridge as quickly as I did when I got home. What a long, boring day. And to top it off, the Giants got shutout by the Dodgers. Not one extra-base hit… just a sign of things to come.

Anyway, back to the fun. As promised, a compilation of 2nd round mock draft projections for the Eagles. These aren’t as easy to find as your standard first round mocks, but I’ve been able to put together a good starting list. As always, if you have a site to recommend (even your own, please feel free to send it in).  Here goes:

The second round gives the “experts” a little better opportunity to be creative, but as you can see they still like the Eagles taking a shot on a wide receiver.

We have three mocks that are also listed in our first round compilation, and those guys all at least care enough to be sure the Eagles are taking players at different positions in each round. Here’s a breakdown:

So, even with the Asante signing, the experts think the Eagles will be looking to add depth at the cornerback position on day 1. Do you agree?

Will the Eagles take a cornerback on the first day of the draft?

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