Eagles Draft Coverage, Continued

I’m going to make Monday the official weekly update for our mock draft compilation.  Last week several guys sent in suggestions to add to the spreadsheet, and they are on it today.  None of the existing mocks listed updated last week, but expect things to start picking up soon now that the holiday is over and the draft is closing in.  Here’s the data:

The “experts” are heavily favoring the wide receiver position in the first round, which is what they traditionally do with the Eagles (they are traditionally wrong, of course).  Of the group available, they seem to like the Eagles taking Desean Jackson.  Partly due to their belief that Kelly will be off the board by the time they pick, and the perceived notion that the Eagles need a deep threat (I’m not disputing it).

We had one interesting addition to the list — Quentin Groves — who was the choice for the Eagles at draftace.com.  He’s a little undersized, but he’s quite fast and versatile.  He’s got a late first-round grade.

Next week the update will include second round projections.  And as always, if you have a suggestion for an addition to the spreadsheet, please send it in!

2 Responses to “Eagles Draft Coverage, Continued”

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  2. Frezzie20 Says:

    I don’t think the Eagles are going to take a wide receiver. AR always takes guys on either line. They might even move up if it looks like the tackles will be gone.

    I like Otah but I like Williams better. I want them to move up to get him.

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