Asante Samuel… For Real?

It’s all over the Eagles blogosphere. GCobb’s Micah Warren (original story in Blast Magazine) is reporting that Asante Samuel will sign with the Eagles. He is in for an official visit today. If this is true (and I’m still skeptical), how I feel about the situation will depend entirely on how much money he’s getting. If it’s the $30 million guaranteed he’s looking for, I won’t understand it.

If the Eagles do in fact announce the deal, they have three options as I see it with Lito:

  • Try and find a good return in trade, even though they now have less leverage.
  • Move Brown to safety and keep Sheppard/Samuel as the corners
  • Keep all three around for the best nickel package in the NFL and injury insurance.

Keep in mind the Eagles safeties don’t always fit into the traditional FS/SS mold. They move around a lot, especially in passing situations, and with the versatility of Brown and Dawkins back there it could really be interesting.  You have to be smart and tackle exceptionally well as a safety in Jim Johnson’s schemes, and Brown fits that mold perfectly (Sean Considine, see you never).  We’ll see.

Secondly, the Cowboys managed to work out a deal with Flozell Adams. This is disappointing. I was looking forward to the team getting worse, and this goes a long to towards keeping that from happening. Dammit.

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  1. Blast Magazine Says:

    The original story from Micah Warren was here
    He’s our sports editor

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