Cardinals, Fitzgerald Not Close

That’s the latest from Kent Somers. Here’s a few choice quotes to chew on.

From Larry’s agent, Eugene Parker:

“We’re looking for something that works for both parties, but we were told that he (Fitzgerald) was going to be a Cardinal this year no matter what and he’s fine with that,” Parker said Friday. “We’re trying to find something that can work for both of us. We expect him to be a Cardinal one way or the other.”

Very diplomatic.

Parker wouldn’t talk about contract details but did acknowledge that he is seeking more than the $27.2 million in guarantees that Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson, the second pick in last year’s draft, received in his six-year deal.

“Larry is a unique guy, a proven commodity now,” Parker said. “He’s not a draft guy that you hope can make it. He’s already proven what he can do, so Calvin Johnson is not going to set our standards.”

Ahh, there’s something a little more confrontational. That means Parker is looking for $30+ million guaranteed. That’s a lot of freaking money, especially when you have another receiver who might be as talented and young on the other side who you won’t have to pay for a year or two.

The Cardinals have dealt with Parker several times over the years, and he and Graves have a good relationship. But Parker has a history of using time as an advantage, if he thinks it can create more leverage. He doesn’t seem eager to consummate a deal right away, although that could change quickly.

“Obviously, his contract is what it is,” Parker said. “If he (Fitzgerald) has to play for it, he’ll play for it. We’re just trying to see if we can get there on a multiyear deal.”

The dreaded “it is what it is” comment.

Time is definitely on Fitzgerald’s side.

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