Feeling Nostalgic

The complete and utter void of “classic”, single-player RPG’s in recent years has been a huge disappointment for me. When I was in middle school I was exposed to the Wizardry series from Sir-Tech (I even worked for their “hint-line”), and from that point on I’ve been hooked. I loved Wiz8, even though it was the last thing the company could muster with it’s dying breath.

I look forward to the upcoming release of Drakensang from a German outfit. Hopefully a North American version becomes available sooner rather than later. They claim to have drawn inspiration from the Realms of Arkania series that Sir-Tech published (developed by Attic) — the game is based on “The Dark Eye” RPG system that ROA was also founded on.

With that to look forward to I’ve started playing ROA again. I’ve started with Star Trail. Blade of Destiny is just too dated for me to go all the way back to the first of the trilogy. And Star Trail is the best of the group anyway. I’m already completely engrossed, which is both wonderful and awful for me, as I’m currently completely swamped at work. Must… resist… playing at work.

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